Hi, my name is Yuki. I’m an analyst, engineer, and consultant.

I enjoy working with data, from data collection, ETL, and to analysis. My core competencies are Python, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, and R. I’m specialized in data visualization, ETL, and automation / scripting. I’d like to expand my skills so that I can better utilize predictive analytics / Machine learning.

I’m currently working at a healthcare IT company where I help clients with data analytics solutions. The main tools that I’ve been using here is Power BI (data visualization, DAX, Power Query) and SQL Server.

My current career goal is to work as a BI consultant (Power BI) with the primary responsibility being providing consultation / solutions on anything around Power BI along with ETL (SQL, Python, etc), automation / scripting (Python, etc), statistical / predictive analytics and ML (Python, R, Azure, etc) work. I’d like to get my hands dirty in cloud computing realm as well, especially Azure.

When I’m not working with data, I find myself playing baseball, baking cheesecakes, reading self development books, etc.

This is me wanting to play baseball so bad that I can’t help but smile