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Hierarchical Sorting in Power BI

I’m sure many people have used the sorting capability in Power BI, whether it be sorting by a column you’re using in the visual or sorting with the column tool (sort by another column). And they are super useful in… Continue Reading →

How to Fill Dates Between Start Date and End Date in Power BI (Power Query)

The other day, I encountered a problem where I had my data and its shape looked like the following: Essentially, what I wanted was to fill dates between start date and end date keeping the value the same. I’m sure… Continue Reading →

Greenhouse Gas Emission Across Supply Chain

MoM 2020 Week16 – Tableau Beef has the worst gas emissions across supply chain! I’ve heard that eating plant based foods is the best thing humans can do to reduce gas emissions, but this data confirms that information. This is… Continue Reading →

Messi vs Ronald – Which Player is Better?

MoM 2020 Week15 – Tableau Messi and Ronald, they are both great soccer players, but which one is actually better? The answer to that questions is shown in this visualization. Tableau allows us to show each data point as a… Continue Reading →

Women Spent More Hours on Unpaid Work

MoM 2020 Week14 – Tableau I chose a simple bar chart to show difference in the unpaid hours of work spent between women and men. Women spend more than twice the amount of time on unpaid work than men, which… Continue Reading →

Most Popular Pizza Topping in UK

MoM 2020 Week13 – Tableau This is my first time learning about and creating a lollipop chart. It give a bar chart a little more clarity in your message, depending on how you use it. I love how the color… Continue Reading →

How Many Courses are Taught at Berkeley?

MoM 2020 Week12 – Tableau I didn’t know if you have multiple line charts then you call them as small multiples… There is an option you can toggle in Power BI, but in Tableau, you just create each line chart… Continue Reading →

Are Money and Happiness Correlated?

MoM 2020 Week11 – Tableau There is a clear trend telling us that the more money you have, the happier you may be. I created a bubble chart where the color of each value is dynamically set based on life… Continue Reading →

What Animal Could You Beat in a Fight?

MoM 2021 Week20 – Power BI I got to work on the data showing how women/men think they could beat animals with bear hand! My viz choice was a bullet chart and a bar chart. It’s pretty easy to create… Continue Reading →

How Do You Create DAX Tables?

WoW 2021 Week20 – Power BI Workout Wednesday exercises are always great! This time I created tables utilizing DAX SUMARRIZE function. I didn’t have much experience with that function prior, but it seems pretty straight forward. CALCULATE function comes in… Continue Reading →

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