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Area Chart Showing Percentage Life at War

MoM 2020 Week6- Tableau My first time that I added a caption in a data viz. A caption makes it easy to tell the audience a specific message or analysis. Looking back, think this is where I kinda started understanding… Continue Reading →

Which Country is the Richest?

MoM 2020 Week7 – Tableau I created more of a dashboard than a visualization for MoM2020 Week7. I always emphasize the part or data that should get the attention the most by making it colored or bigger in size. I… Continue Reading →

Majority Support Black James Bond

MoM 2020 Week4 – Tableau This time, I was to create a visualization to show how people were supportive of black James Bond. I remember struggling creating this particular visual where a label in the middle and bars on both… Continue Reading →

Harmful Pesticides in USA Agriculture

MoM 2020 Week2 – Tableau The data visualization I created for Makeover Monday 2020 Week2. It shows the use of harmful pesticides in US agriculture. I can literally see how I wasn’t used to using Tableau at the time I… Continue Reading →

What’s the America’s Most Popular Sport?

MoM 2020 Week1 – Tableau This is a visualization I created on a dataset of the sports popularity in the US. I think this is the very first tableau visualization I’ve created! Here is the link to the data source…. Continue Reading →

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