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Bar Chart with Simple Use of Color

MoM 2020 Week10 – Tableau It’s very interesting that the analysis tells you that if women don’t have education then violence against them are not likely to be justified (certain countries, see the data viz below). Data Source | Interactive… Continue Reading →

Tableau Dashboard – Superstore

A tableau dashboard showing an overview of the profitability at Superstore (sample dataset). Only 2 colors are used, blue and orange. As you can see, orange represents negative values, whereas blue color shows the positive values. Conditional color is implemented… Continue Reading →

Sankey Chart in Tableau

MoM 2020 Week8 – Tableau I created a Sankey Chart for the first time! I didn’t even know such data visualization chart existed. But here it goes, I tried creating something completely new! It was fun and a struggle in… Continue Reading →

Comparison in a Bar Chart

MoM 2020 Week3 – Tableau This one looks like what a data viz newbie created, but I still like the use of color, which is simple and clear to its purpose. It looks like both children and adults take too… Continue Reading →

Area Chart Showing Percentage Life at War

MoM 2020 Week6- Tableau My first time that I added a caption in a data viz. A caption makes it easy to tell the audience a specific message or analysis. Looking back, think this is where I kinda started understanding… Continue Reading →

Which Country is the Richest?

MoM 2020 Week7 – Tableau I created more of a dashboard than a visualization for MoM2020 Week7. I always emphasize the part or data that should get the attention the most by making it colored or bigger in size. I… Continue Reading →

Simple Web Scraping in Python

A web scraping python script with pandas and requests packages I created a python script where it accesses to a website from which I extracted some baseball data. Pandas has a function called “read_html”, so you don’t have to use… Continue Reading →

Majority Support Black James Bond

MoM 2020 Week4 – Tableau This time, I was to create a visualization to show how people were supportive of black James Bond. I remember struggling creating this particular visual where a label in the middle and bars on both… Continue Reading →

Harmful Pesticides in USA Agriculture

MoM 2020 Week2 – Tableau The data visualization I created for Makeover Monday 2020 Week2. It shows the use of harmful pesticides in US agriculture. I can literally see how I wasn’t used to using Tableau at the time I… Continue Reading →

What’s the America’s Most Popular Sport?

MoM 2020 Week1 – Tableau This is a visualization I created on a dataset of the sports popularity in the US. I think this is the very first tableau visualization I’ve created! Here is the link to the data source…. Continue Reading →

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