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Hierarchical Sorting in Power BI

I’m sure many people have used the sorting capability in Power BI, whether it be sorting by a column you’re using in the visual or sorting with the column tool (sort by another column). And they are super useful in… Continue Reading →

How to Fill Dates Between Start Date and End Date in Power BI (Power Query)

The other day, I encountered a problem where I had my data and its shape looked like the following: Essentially, what I wanted was to fill dates between start date and end date keeping the value the same. I’m sure… Continue Reading →

What Animal Could You Beat in a Fight?

MoM 2021 Week20 – Power BI I got to work on the data showing how women/men think they could beat animals with bear hand! My viz choice was a bullet chart and a bar chart. It’s pretty easy to create… Continue Reading →

How Do You Create DAX Tables?

WoW 2021 Week20 – Power BI Workout Wednesday exercises are always great! This time I created tables utilizing DAX SUMARRIZE function. I didn’t have much experience with that function prior, but it seems pretty straight forward. CALCULATE function comes in… Continue Reading →

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